•  Viking Values: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Kind!


    Viking Values in the STEM Tech Lab


    Be Respectful:

    • Do not present distractions to other students or Mr. Bueche.
    • No gum, candy, food or drink other than water in the Lab.
    • Do not touch property or projects belonging to other people.


    Be Responsible:

    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared with your iPad and a pencil.
    • iPads are for tech ed class work only. No “free time” or off task use of the iPads.
    • Obey all lab safety rules for the sake of yourself and others.
    • Stay on task.
      • Responsible to self.
      • Responsible to teammates.
    • Do not use lab tools or equipment to destroy things.
    • Clean up thoroughly during clean up time. Project work stops at the call for clean up.


    Be Kind:

    • Be helpful to others.
    • Be an encourager.
    • Clean up more than your “fair share”


    Daily Procedures in Mr. Bueche’s STEM Tech Lab: 

    If the door is closed before class starts, students must line up along the wall in the hallway and quietly wait for Mr. Bueche to let them in.

    When students enter the lab they must follow these procedures.

    • Sit at assigned table.
    • Keep iPads off unless there are directions for a start up activity.
    • When the teacher closes the classroom door and is positioned at the role book all talking stops.
    • If you have to open the door to join your class YOU ARE LATE.
      • The number of total minutes late you accumulate will warrant the following actions.
        • 0-5 min; warning.
        • 6-10 minutes; lunch detention.
        • 11-14 minutes; email to parent/guardian.
        • 15 + minutes; Office Disciplinary Referral to house principal.
    • Quiet during attendance and directions. 


Last Modified on August 27, 2021