• My Policies and Procedures

    Homework Policy


    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights.  The reading log is to be signed every night.


    Reading Log:  Your student needs to read for fifteen (15-20) minutes every night (Monday – Thursday) and to fill out the reading log each day. Encourage your student to read aloud to an adult or sibling.Books will be sent home to practice re-reading for fluency.


    "Snap" Words/Phrases:  Your student needs to practice the District's 1,000 High Frequency word lists. Each student recieves a differentiated list of words according to their needs. Please work on the "I Know Pile" with your student NOT the "I Need To Know Pile". I will have your child review these words with me once a week and new words will be added. Please watch the video located in the Open House link.


    Fluency: Each week your student will practice one fluency passage. Your student needs to read the passage at least 1-2 times each night. Please watch the video located in the Open House link.


    Math:  Students need to study their math facts each night for 2-5 minutes (no more than 5 minutes). Please send in a set of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division fact cards so that we can set your student up to begin practicing each night. Please watch the video in the Open House link. 



    Please let me know if your child is struggling with any of the homework assignments.  It is important to make me aware of this situation as early as possible so we can modify assignments to make your child more successful.







Last Modified on August 14, 2022