• Health Suites

    Upper Merion school nurses provide mandated school health services program for all students and collaborate with school staff for educational planning so that all students can reach their educational potential. School nurses are specialists in the health and care of school age children and are certified as Educational Specialists by the Pennsylvania Department of Education after completing preparation in special needs of children, legal issues and foundations of education, and school nursing experiences. School nurses have a background in school health, health education and counseling. School nurses are part of the Office of Student Services, which includes guidance counselors, social workers, dental hygienists and school psychologists.
    School nurses assess and plan for the health concerns of all students; monitor growth, development, and immunizations; and interpret health needs and regulations to students, staff and families. They care for daily illness and injuries to students and staff while serving as health consultants to the school community.
    In addition to the state-mandated responsibilities, the Certified School nurses serve on crisis intervention teams, student assistance teams, child study teams and other interdisciplinary teams to promote student success. They also work closely with community agencies to provide necessary services for students and families. Combining nursing expertise and the educational environment, school nurses are advocates for student success.
    Certified School Nurses (CSN, RN) may be assigned to more than one school. Health Room Nurses (HRA, RN) assist the certified school nurse and cover the building providing first aid services and administer medications when the certified nurse is at another building.
    For more information about our health policies, go to the UMASD Homepage and click on the Policies button located there.