• Reading Strategies

    Make Connections
    • Activate prior knowledge before, during, and after reading
    • Make predictions
    • Set purposes for reading
    • Connect text to self, other texts, and the world
    Determine Importance
     What is important? Find main ideas and draw conclusions about text to focus reading.
    • Characters
    • Settings
    • Problems
    • Solutions
    • Events
    • Themes


    • Pay attention to text organization

      • cause and effect

      • sequential order

      • Compare/contrast

    • Notice text features (graphs, charts, pictures)

    • Selected Vocabulary

    • Wonder about text
    • Raise questions as you read
    • Question the author about format, style, content
    • Ask yourself about the meaning of words and phrases

       Use your questions to sharpen your understanding of the material.

    Create Sensory Images
    • Visualize as you read and after you read
    • Use sense of touch, smell, hearing, and taste to
    • understand concepts
    • Dramatize a conversation, concept, or event
    Make Inferences
    • Use prior knowledge and text information to...
    • Make predictions
    • Draw conclusions
    • Make critical judgments
    • Form interpretations
    • Read between the lines

         What’s the NEW because of what I have read?   Now what...So what...

    Retell, Summarize, Synthesize
    • Express ideas about what you have read through a retelling or summary
      • Pay close attention to text organization
    • To synthesize:
      • Take info from the text and combine them with your own ideas to create a response to what you have read
        • Think about the text
        • Use strategies to gather thoughts
        • Create a response using ideas from the text as well as your own ideas
    Use Fix-Up Strategies
         Repair problems as you read
    • Decoding the words
      • Use context
      • Sound it out
      • Skip over it for now
      • Ask for assistance
    • Understanding ideas
      • Reread
      • Skip ahead
      • Use reading strategies
      • Make notations
      • Ask for assistance


Last Modified on August 13, 2018