Mr. Powers
    Room C-108

    Student Policy Guide

    “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.”- Chinese Proverb

    Required Materials:

    1. Notebook- Keeping an organized notebook is an effective tool of learning. Notes should be taken on materials covered in class. Any material on the blackboard should be recorded.

    1. Three-Ring Binder/Folder- Students will often receive handouts, outlines, poems, spelling words and additional materials. It is important that students remain organized.

    Class Expectations:

    1. RESPECT EACH OTHER. Learning best takes place in a positive environment. It is expected that we will conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Please refrain from using any put-downs or profanity.
    1. BE PREPARED. Students will be in their seats and prepared to begin class at the proper time with a writing device, notebook and any other designated materials. Students are also expected to participate in class discussions.

    1. STAY ORGANIZED. All written work submitted for a grade must be done in blue or black ink on composition paper. (No pages torn from a spiral notebook, please!) Assignments should have the name of the assignment, the student’s name, mod and date in the upper right-hand corner. Appropriate margins should be observed.

    1. COMPLETE THE HOMEWORK. Each student will be given an assignment book. Daily assignments will be placed on the blackboard. It is the responsibility of the student to record and complete each assignment.
    1. DO NOT FALL BEHIND. Absences can be devastating if a student falls behind in his/her work. To minimize missing class assignments, a student should:
      1. Check his/her assignment book.
      2. Not use absences as an excuse for late work that has already been assigned.
      3. Contact a classmate or the Upper House Office to get new assignments.

    Points of Interest:

    1. WRITING. A written assignment will be assigned almost every week. Since this is a very important aspect of the class, all written assignments MUST be turned in. If a student fails to turn in a single assignment his/her grade will be lowered.
    2. GRAMMAR. Formal grammar study will be done in the form of mini-lessons throughout the year. Students will work at their own speed on areas of weakness. Students should use their returned themes to analyze areas of weakness that need improvement.
    3. READING. We will explore various reading strategies as we read from the Prentice Hall Text and assigned novels.
    4. VOCABULARY. A high standard of vocabulary is expected on all assignments. There will be a few vocabulary quizzes on assigned words.

    Additional Information:

    GRADING. Language arts involve a variety of activities designed to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking. Grades will be grouped in categories of Writing, Literature, Vocabulary, Grammar, Homework, Class Participation, etc. and an average computed for the marking period. All marking period grades will then be averaged to arrive at the final grade.

    TESTING. Since the purpose of testing is to determine what learning goals have been accomplished, if a student does poorly on a test, he/she may see the teacher to determine an alternative plan and/or to determine if RETESTING is appropriate.

    CONTACT THE TEACHER. If a student is going to miss a class for a field trip, athletic event, music lesson, etc., the student must notify the teacher in advance to turn in any work that is due, get assignments, and arrange to make up any tests that will be missed.

    EXTRA HELP. The teacher is available for extra help, make-up work, conferences, etc. between 7:30 and 7:55 each morning, during homeroom period, and after school. Please make an appointment and get a pass in advance.

Last Modified on September 14, 2010