• Upper Merion Area Middle School Guidance Services

    There are a total of four school counselors at Upper Merion Area Middle School.  Each counselor is responsible for one grade level.  At the end of a school year, your student's counselor will travel to the next grade level with his/her class so that there is consistent support for the students throughout the middle school years.

    What are Mrs. Donahue's responsibilities as a School Counselor?

    -  Meet with students individually
    -  Facilitates various small groups throughout the school year
    -  Deliver classroom guidance lessons on various topics and/or teach the 6th Grade Guidance Class
    -  Work in conjunction with other specialists to monitor student progress
    -  Student Assistance Team Member
    -  Coordinate new student scheduling
    -  Attend Child Study, 504, and IEP Meetings
    -  Meet weekly with grade-level teams to facilitate open communication
    -  Administer student pre-referral screenings
    -  Perform crisis counseling, as needed
    -  Attend grade-level lunch on a regular basis
    -  Communicate with community-based service providers to coordinate support for shared students
    -  Develop and facilitate activities that encourage student discovery in the area of College & Career Readiness
    -  Collaborates with others to coordinate and plan district and state   
    -  Plans and delivers evening programs for parents/families
    -  Oversees 504 Service Agreements ~ schedules meetings with parents,   
       conducts Annual Reviews 
    -  Plans and oversees the annual 7th Grade Career Day, which is held in May
Last Modified on August 26, 2021