• My Policies and Procedures

    Remember to follow our Viking Values:

    1. Be Respectful

    2. Be Responsible

    3. Be Kind


        Students must be responsible for their materials. Everyday, students will need to bring to class their workbook, iPad, homework links workbook, and a writing utensil. Students will not be permitted to go back to their lockers for supplies.

        Students must be responsible for their education.  I expect my students to be respectful of each other, to raise hands and wait to be called upon, and listen to anyone who is speaking.

         If homework is assigned, I expect it to be returned the following school day (unless told otherwise). If a student is absent, I expect him or her to make up any missed assignments and copy any missed notes.

         If a student needs extra help, I will be available during homeroom, before school, or after school. I am more than willing to help any student and I think that it shows responsibility and maturity if a student requests help on his or her own.

    First time - Warning
    Second time - A private discussion between teacher and student will be held
    Third time - Student and teacher will call/e-mail parent/guardian and the incident will be referred to the office 



Last Modified on August 28, 2018