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         My Learning Plan has step-by-step guides.  You can access it by clicking on the upper-right corner of the MLP web page.  The following e-mails are provided for issues that are beyond the Help guide and FAQs provided.
    Professional Development brodriguez@umasd.org
    Certification lbruno@umasd.org
    Oasys & Teacher Evaluation mvillagracia@umasd.org
    Technical info@mylearningplan.com
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    1. Why does my web page look different than others?
    My Learning Plan is individualized based upon a person's professional development history, the programs they choose to select, the conferences they wish to attend, etc.
    2. Why does my webpage say "Click here to update my PPID"?  What is a PPID?
    You  have not obtained your PPID number from PDE.  PPID is required in order to upload your Act 48 hours to the PDE website.  My Learning Plan, MLP provides a link that allows you to obtain one.  You have to know your Social Security Number, however.
    3. Can I propose a Building-Level Workshop?
    Yes, there is a link for that.  When completed, you will see it listed on your webpage as "Awaiting Pre-Approval" when properly completed.  Your request will automatically be forwarded to your building principal.
    4. Why do I see Fill-in forms for Mentor Logs and Committee Logs?
    These forms are only for specific user groups who will receive individualized training.
    5. How can I register for a conference?
    Use the Conference Request form located in the Fill-in Forms section of the menu to submit a request.  Instructions on how to fill it out is available in the Powerpoint/PDF file posted on this page if you need it.
    6. Can I request for tuition reimbursement through MLP?
    Yes. Use the Tuition Reimbursement form located in the Fill-in Forms section of the menu to submit a request.  A tutorial on how to fill it out is will be provided if you need it.
    7. How do I drop a course?
    From your Learning Plan tab page, click on the name of the activity you want to drop.  Under the Actions section, click 'Drop' and confirm.
    8. How do I make changes to an activity I already registered for?
    Once an activity is submitted, it is locked for editing by the user to protect its integrity.  You have two options:
    A. DROP the request and submit a new one.  Please note that this will require that the form is processed through the entire approval process again.
    B. Contact the next approver and notify them that a change is necessary.  Only approvers can edit an existing form during the approval process.
    9. I did this activity last month.  Why haven't I received my Act 48 hours yet?
    Depending on what type of activity you attended, please make sure that certain steps were completed in order to receive Final Approval.
    DISTRICT CATALOG activities - A Professional Development Feedback form is completed and you requested that activity to be marked complete.
    MLP-UNLISTED activities - A proof of completion has been received by the Curriculum Office and you requested that activity to be marked complete.
    * For additional assistance to District Catalog and MLP-unlisted activities, you may e-mail  brodriguez@umasd.org after checking the above steps.
    NON-DISTRICT but MLP-LISTED activities - Various MLP providers (MCIU, CCIU, etc.) may have different procedures on granting Final Approval.  Please check with their MLP administrator if there are delays.
    10. I have not received my reimbursement, is there a problem?
    Please check that the following items have been submitted to the Accounting Department:
    A. attendance certificate
    B. receipt(s) attached to an 8.5 x 11 paper
    C. copy of approval to attend the workshop (print approved registration form from MLP)
    After checking off the above requirements, please e-mail brodriguez@umasd.org  for additional assistance if necessary.
Last Modified on November 17, 2017