• Upper Merion Area School District Student Services
    K-12 Gifted Education

    The mission of the Upper Merion Area School District's Gifted Education Program is to ensure that all gifted students are identified and provided with individualized and challenging educational opportunities and experiences. We offer a range of services so that individual programs can be designed around each student's identified needs. These programs are based on each student's strengths and needs, and are designed to develop their unique talents and abilities. After determining eligibility and need for specially designed instruction (in compliance with Chapter 16 guidelines), an appropriate individualized educational program is prepared by a multidisciplinary team comprised of school personnel, parents, and (where appropriate) the student. We encourage gifted education students to join all students in making positive contributions to society.


    The Upper Merion Area School District's Gifted program was designed with input from teachers, administrators, parents, and students. We provide services to a diverse population of gifted learners. Goals of the program include: - Identifying candidates for the program and assessing their eligibility using a variety of tools and procedures. - Emphasizing a positive working relationship between parents and school personnel. - Creating an individualized, flexible, and appropriate program based on the measured strengths and needs of each eligible student. - Providing guidance and appropriate support services for eligible students, including those who are low achieving or at risk. - Providing staff development opportunities for all school personnel, including support for the preparation of differentiated educational plans, materials, and curriculum by regular classroom teachers. - Promoting the use of strategies developed for challenging students’ analytical and critical thinking skills in regular classrooms. - Realizing student potential to excel in accordance with cognitive and academic strengths and beyond. Students will have opportunity for advancement beyond the typical high school interests to further inspire their strengths and interests in higher education.


Last Modified on September 18, 2020