• At the end of October, the Upper Merion Area School District celebrates Red Ribbon Week.  This is an annual event where schools and organizations across the nation focus on educating youth to live healthy lives and teach them that drugs and alcohol are not healthy for children and teens.

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    2016 - I Elect To Be Drug Free

    2014  - Planting the Promise for Smart and Healthy Choices

    2013 - A Healthy Me...Drug Free!

    2012 - Voting for Me, Drug Free
    Red Ribbon Week 2009 "Making Footprints Worth Following"
    Red Ribbon Week 2008 " I Elect to be Drug Free"
    Red Ribbon Week 2007 "The Healthy Way to be...Drug Free!" 
    Red Ribbon Week 2006 "I can BEE Drug Free"
Last Modified on May 23, 2018