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    All Roberts Elementary Students are permitted to come to my office to talk and find solutions to problems.  During the first few days of school I will visit each classroom to show the students how to fill out a slip from the "Do You Need to Talk?" envelope in their classroom. Students can put notes in the mailbox outside of my office. I'll schedule a time to see them that works with their teacher's schedule.


      Here are a few examples of reasons why students
    might come to my office:

    * Jenny said she won't be my friend anymore and I'm really sad.

    * I miss my mom and I don't want to come to school.

    * My mom-mom died and I can't stop thinking about her.

    * My dog ran away this morning and I'm afraid he is never coming back.

    *My parents have been fighting and I'm afraid they are going to get a divorce.

    * I just moved here and I don't know anybody.

    Meetings with students are typically short, solution focused and geared towards building skills.  Hands on activities like reading a book, playing a game or drawing a picture can help students explore feelings, cope with changes, learn decision making skills, stand up for themselves, express their anger appropriately or solve conflicts with friends. 
    If you would like your child to meet with me individually, you might encourage them to fill out a slip in their classroom or to stop and see me when they get to school.  Parents may request that I meet with their child but in many cases I prefer to share with the student that the request was made.
Last Modified on February 8, 2018