Big Ideas: Physical Education 

    • The lifestyle behaviors you develop now will have an impact on your wellness in the future.
    • Physical Education promotes physical fitness, effective communication, teamwork, sportsmanship and determination to do your best
    • Physical activity, positively impacts your physical, mental, social and emotional wellness. 


    Physical Education: Curriculum Themes

    Kindergarten to 4th Grade                                    

    • Movement (ex. locomotor and non-locomotor movements)
    • Fitness (ex. health and skill based fitness)
    • Manipulative Games (ex. throwing, kicking, sticking, bouncing etc..)
    • Cooperative & Creative Games (working togther)
    • Invasion games (ex. soccer, basketball)
    • Net Wall games (ex. volleyball, tennis) 
    • Recreational Games (ex. tag games, ga-ga ball, bocce)
    • Safety (ex. spatial awareness) 

    I have a goal to have all students up and moving for 80 percent of their class time.  


Last Modified on September 17, 2020