• Summer Art Ideas
    • Visit a museum. Check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art's web site for their pay-what-you-like days and their Summer Arts Splash events.
    • Draw, draw, draw.
    • Take a nature walk.
    • Look, look, look.
    • Check out free craft mini-lessons at stores like Michael's.
    • The public library has books about artists as well as how-to books.
    • Teach yourself to be a cartoonist.
    • Use what's in the recycling bin at home to build a sculpture.
    • Draw your shoe.
    • Draw your car.
    • Draw your dog.
    • Draw yourself.
    • Draw life on an underwater planet.
    • Pay attention.
    • Did I mention you should keep drawing?


    Preparing for the 2019-2020 school year:

    All supplies are provided for art class.  Students are expected to come to class ready to learn. 

    We  wear smocks on messy days, but anything can happen and students are encouraged to wear clothes that are easy to wash on art days.
    If you would like to donate packages of wipes to the art studio, it would be greatly appreciated!

Last Modified on June 7, 2019