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    Music Education
    Music is an important academic discipline needing incorporation into every educational program. Pennsylvania's School code states that: "the Arts are to be a part of every public and private school program." The Chapter 4 Curriculum Regulations declare school dis­tricts shall provide planned instruction to enable students to attain academic standards for the following:

    The study of dance, theatre, music, visual arts, language and literature, include forms of expression, historical and cultural context, critical and aesthetic judgment, and production, performance or exhibition of work.

    Furthermore, these regulations state the primary, intermediate, middle and high school programs: "must include planned instruction in the Arts, including art, music, dance and theatre."

    The regulation further stipulates planned arts courses must be taught to every student each year during their primary and intermediate programs and at least once during the middle and high school years, either as separate planned instruction or incorporated into other appropriate planned instruction.

    Together with parents, families and community institutions, public education provides opportunities for students to:

    (1)Acquire knowledge and skills

    (2)Develop integrity

    (3)Process information

    (4)Think critically

    (5)Work independently

    (6)Collaborate with others

    (7)Adapt to change

    Planned courses in Music can help educators provide these opportunities.
Last Modified on August 31, 2010