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    The goal of the Business and Computer Department is to prepare students for a successful future.  Whether continuing on to college or entering the business and marketplace after high school, the courses available in the department are invaluable to anyone's success.  The courses offered will prepare students for post high school entry level business positions, entrepreneurship, a career in computer programming, web design or software engineering after further training, and/or a successful college education.  A unique department, the Business and Computer Department offers applicable real world courses that will prepare you for success.

    Digital Academy

    The Digital Academy will serve as the entry point and preparation for student participation in the Upper Merion Area High School one-to-one computer initiative.  This course will introduce students to effective computing with an emphasis on digital citizenship and life long learning.  Students will develop their academic skills and reflect on their role in a global world..  This course will provide students with care and operating instructions for their MacBook.  Students will utilize iLife, iWork, Comic Life, MS Office, and Omni Suite applications, as well as Gaggle email, Google Docs, Wikispaces, and student blog sites.  Students will identify and practice 21st Century Skills, and critical thinking skills as they develop strategies for life-long learning.  Students will develop Internet research and inquiry skills while developing awareness of privacy issues, identify issues, and ethics.  Students will participate in face to face discussions, asynchronous online discussions, and virtual learning communities as they consider their own identity and future in a global age.  This can be taken as a co-taught class.

    Click here to view this curriculum online: www.umasd.org/DACurriculum

    3 Modeling and Animation

    This course is designed to offer students the ability to be exposed to the latest technology advancements, to program in three dimensions.  The software is free and creates virtual worlds in which the student can program human type simulations.  This course is designed to give the student skills to compete in the current technologically advanced society.  This course is for students who have successfully completed basic web design or computer applications, providing them an opportunity to expand their creativity into the virtual world.  Alice 2.0 is the software that will be utilized it is free and works on both Macs and PC's.

    Web Design I

    This course is an introduction to Web Design and will create a basis for the theory and constructs of computer programming. It is designed to allow students to create, edit, and maintain web pages using the most up to date programming languages and software tools including but not limited to: HTML, DreamWeaver, JavaScript and C++. Students will learn how to create a web page, add internal and external links, use various formatting techniques, apply themes, insert graphics, create and modify tables, create frames and use style. Each student will be required to complete a culminating project involving the design and creation of a web page(s) of his/her choice. The class is a prerequisite for Web Design II or further study in Computer Programming courses.

    Web Design II

    This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Web Design I and will cover object-oriented programming using higher-level skills in the most recent languages including JAVA, Visual C++ . The course is interdisciplinary and project-oriented.

    Students will learn how to create online ecommerce websites. Each student will be required to complete a culminating project involving the design and creation of a web page(s) of his/her choice.

    Intro to Business

    Students are introduced to the dynamics of the world of business as they examine what businesses are, how they operate and how they are structured.  Concepts are connected to real life situations including social responsibility, business ethics, credit, employment, investment, and financial and banking institutions.  Focus on entrepreneurs, current technologies, real world business connections and lifelong skills that can be applied to any career choice or college major.  Whether planning for a business major in college or a business related career, this course is the perfect start towards a successful future.


    This course is designed to acquaint the students with the private enterprise system from a business standpoint.  The students will learn the basics of planning, starting and running a business through the breakdown of the key departments in a corporation. 

    Business Law

    This course is designed to strengthen a student's knowledge of business and make connections to the legal and finance end of all aspects of business. Some of the topics include the exciting new arena of cyber and Internet law, career choices, employment contracts and duties, government regulation of business, E-Commerce Law, credit management, consumer rights/responsibilities, business contracts, buyer/seller rights, buying and renting real estate and borrowing money.  The class is a hands-on active approach to Business Law.


    This is a fun project-based course that will facilitate learning about marketing and advertising.  You will  develop marketing skills, which are used in almost all business practices, and you will be a smarter consumer and/or businessperson.  Students will learn that marketing is one of the largest and most exciting career areas in business today.  Whether you are planning a career in marketing or want to enhance your business knowledge, the skills and information you take from this class will be invaluable.   This is a hands-on class that utilizes all areas of marketing including sports & entertainment, tourism and advertising.

    Accounting I

    This course is offered for students who have an interest in pursuing a business career.  The basic principles, concepts and procedures of the accounting cycle will be introduced to students.  This objective is accomplished through the use of problems, projects, practice sets and readings.  A live national interactive stock market game teaches the skills of trading stock. 

    Accounting II

    Building on the learning experience developed in Accounting I, this course highlights various real life applications in partnerships and corporations.  The accounting cycle is emphasized through various real life applications including budgeting and retail management. 

    Career / Work-study

    The Education at Work Experience provides seniors with the opportunity to earn credit by working in area businesses and learning skills not taught in the regular school curriculum.  Students can earn 1 credit per semester for 7.5-10 hours or work per week or 2 credits per semester for 15-20 hours worked per week.  Hours applied to Work Experience are to be accumulated Monday through Friday only.  Education at Work requirements include: recommendation from guidance, weekly hours log, legal contracts and paperwork, employer evaluations, coordinator evaluations, weekly seminar attendance and corresponding class work.  Transportation must be provided by the students.  It is highly recommended students already have a job before applying for this course.

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