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    Social Studies Purposes and Goals

    From the Nation Council for Social Studies (NCSS)

    Powerful social studies teaching begins with a clear understanding of the subject’s unique purposes and goals. NCSS’s statement “Essentials of the Social Studies” (NCSS 1990, 9–11) identifies citizenship education as the primary purpose of K-12 social studies. Noting that concern for the common good and citizen participation in public life are essential to the health of our democratic system, it states that effective social studies programs prepare young people to identify, understand, and work to solve the problems facing our diverse nation in an increasingly interdependent world. Such programs:

    • foster individual and cultural identity along with understanding of the forces that hold society together or pull it apart;

    • include observation of and participation in the school and community;

    • address critical issues and the world as it is;

    • prepare students to make decisions based on democratic principles; and

    • lead to citizen participation in public affairs.
    Upper Merion Area School District Social Studies Curriculum is under development to reflect research based strategies for teaching.  Revised curriculum documents will be posted as they become available.
    5th grade Integrated Science and Social Studies Curriculum Documents:
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Last Modified on November 27, 2013