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    What is at the heart of curriculum?

    What do our students need from their educational experiences in order to be successful in their on-going endeavors?

    What do our teachers need in order to provide these experiences?


    The district will outline a roadmap for student learning which will establish a collaborative process for engaging teachers and administrators in dialogue as we create our own understandings and beliefs about the importance of schooling through curriculum development.  According to the work of Marzano (2003), who synthesized research data to identify key factors that have been shown to influence student achievement, one of the most influential factors within the school setting is a guaranteed and viable curriculum.  We believe that it is essential to recognize curriculum as a design for instruction and learning that reflects both the needs of the learner and the needs of society.   Our vision for the learning experiences that will be provided to our students is based on a belief that excellence can be inspired in every student, every day and it is our job to create the framework for that excellence.


    Use the following links to access UMASD curriculum documents and templates


    Roadmap to Excellence -  A Guide to the curriculum process in UMASD

    UMASD curriculum template

    Mini Lesson Template




Last Modified on March 26, 2019