The Upper Merion Area School

    District's Gifted program was designed with

    input from teachers, administrators, parents, and

    students. We provide services to a diverse

    population of gifted learners. Goals of the

    program include:

    - identifying candidates for the program and

    assessing their eligibility using a variety of

    tools and procedures.

    - emphasizing a positive working relationship

    between parents and school personnel.

    - creating an individualized, flexible, and

    appropriate program based on the measured

    strengths and needs of each eligible student.

    - providing counseling and appropriate

    support services for eligible students,

    including those who are low achieving or at


    - providing staff development opportunities

      for all school personnel, including support


    for the preparation of differentiated

    educational plans, materials, and curriculum

    by regular classroom teachers.

    - promoting the use of strategies developed

    for challenging students’ analytical and

    critical thinking skills in regular classrooms.

Last Modified on September 15, 2020