Ways to Support Writing at Home2


             Help your child set up a place at home for writing.  It doesn't need to be a desk.  A hidden nook can feel cozy and personal.


             Equip your child’s special place with tools for writing.


              Markers, colored pencils and fresh pads of paper make excellent birthday and holiday gifts for children.


              You are your child’s first and best writing model.  Shopping lists, notes to the teacher, birthday cards, phone messages are superb examples of home literacy.  Kids need to be included in these everyday types of writing.


              Remind your child to bring his/her writer’s notebook whenever he/she goes on a family outing.  Whether it’s to grandma’s, the Little League Game, or a restaurant, there will be plenty to notice and comment on or wonder about.


               “Copying” is okay.  If it means copying phrases or paragraphs that are moving into a writer’s notebook.  Be on the lookout for the times kids (and/or parents) are moved when you are reading aloud to them.


              Leave “literary gifts” in your child’s writing spot.  These might be clippings from newspapers, card, or things you’ve copied from your own reading lives.  Have the children tape these into their writer’s notebooks.


Last Modified on September 10, 2006