Upper Merion Area High School

                                         Course Grading 

    Course Objectives:

    Students will engage in a wide range of activities, games, and exercise to enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, sportsmanship, teamwork and promote lifelong physical activity. Through these diverse activities the program strives to achieve development of skills, knowledge of activities, and positive attitudes, which make for a productive rich adult life.

    Our goal is to inspire each student to value the importance of exercise and fitness in relationship to their overall health and to motivate each student to be physically active throughout their lives. Each student is able to achieve success according to his/her ability.




    Description of Grading Calculation

    Grading for Physical Education is calculated by the total number of points achieved, divided by the total number of possible points to form a percentage grade. Our grading policy is Advanced (ADV) for students who achieve a 90-100%, Proficient (PRO) for a 75-89%, Basic (BAS) for a 65-74%, and Below Basic (BEL) for those who get below 65%. 

    Each individual class meeting is worth 5 points. These points are based on Physical Education attire, participation and effort, sportsmanship, and cognitive assessment.  

     During a marking period a student is allowed one excused absence without getting an incomplete grade for the period that they missed. For their second absence the student has the ability to make up this class before or after school each and every Thursday. If the student does not make up this class it will result in ‘0’ points for that class period.

    An unexcused absence will result in zero points for that day and that student will not be able to make up that class.

    Students who are not prepared in their physical education attire (sneakers, sweat pants or gym shorts, and change of shirt) can participate in some fashion and receive 2 points for that class. This opportunity can only happen twice during the marking period. After that the student will receive ‘0’ points for those classes unprepared. Students are still able to make up those classes after their second time unprepared as long as they participate in some fashion during that class as assigned by their teacher.

    Physical Education is a semester course, which is broken in to 2 marking period grades for that semester. Their Final Exam grade is the average of the 2 quarterly grades. If a student were to pass one quarter but fail the second quarter, as long as their average is above 50% for the two quarters, they do have the ability to obtain their graduate requirement by taking a Final Exam assigned by the teacher. The Final Exam consists of participation in on 30 minute class is the cardio room and writing a one page essay on the Health benefits of Physical Education.

    Any student who has a ‘Medical Excuse’ can still receive their 5 points for the day by participating in class in some fashion or complete a cognitive assessment supplied by their assigned teacher.


    Rationale for Grading Calculation

     Student’s, who participate to the best of their ability, demonstrate cognitive awareness of the activity of the day and are prepared and respectful of others, which demonstrates ‘sportsmanship’, will receive 5 points for that class. We do not grade on physical abilities but mainly on effort and participation, cognitive assessments and being respectful of one another. Those who do not demonstrate these characteristics may receive less than 5 points for the day. 


    Physical Education Attire

       Student must change into appropriate Physical Education attire.

          ·   Sneakers(must be securely tied to foot)
    ·   T-shirt or sweatshirt (must have sleeves)
    ·   Gym Shorts/Sweats (No cargo shorts or pants with zippers)
    ·   No Spandex or Pajama bottoms
    ·   No Jewelry

    How To Make Up an Excused Absence

                ·   Supervised cardio room activity with a Physical Education teacher – during designated times.

                       ·   Make ups are held on Thursdays after school from 2:30 to 3:00. 

    Locker Room Procedures

                ·   Students are responsible for bringing their own lock and securing personal items during class.

                ·   Upper Merion is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

                ·   All locks put on lockers during class MUST be removed after each class period.

                ·   All books and materials must be kept in the locker room during class.



Last Modified on June 6, 2019