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     General Music
    1. In music class students engage in singing, playing classroom instruments, movement activites, reading and notating music, and listening and responding to music. Students also identify composers, instruments, and musical terms.    
    2. Students are expected to participate in all activities to the best of their ability. 
    Music Room Procedures
    1.  Respect others and their property.
    2.  Ask permission before using instruments.
    3.  Use instruments and materials with care.
    4.  Try your best in all music activities.
    My Discipline Plan
    If a student chooses to break a rule:
    First time:  Student receives a warning "That's one."
    Second time: Student receives a warning "That's two."
    Third time:  The student will spend a set number of minutes away from the
                       group.*  "That's three, take six."
    Fourth time:  The student will miss recess time.
    *The number of minutes spent away from the group is dependent upon the student's age.  A five year old will spend five minutes away from the group, a six year old will spend six minutes away from the group, etc.
    Reoccuring problems: A phone call will be made to the student's guardian and a behavior plan will be put into effect to help the student get back on track.
    Severe Problems: The student will be sent to the office and a discipline form will be sent home.
    clef with starsRewards for Good Behavior: clef with stars
      •   Verbal Praise
      •   Student is picked to be the leader of an activity
      •   Student can choose the song or game to play next
      •  Student has first choice for an instrument
      •   Positive note sent to classroom teacher or parent
      •   High five/hand shake
      •   Sticker/Stamp