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    Sign-up for the fall lessons takes place in May and June of the prior school year. After the Band Instrument Night, parents/caregivers should  complete the rental form online for their company of choice. Select the "delivery in September" option.   Instruments will be billed to your account when they are delivered in September.  If your child is a new student in Upper Merion in the fall or has decided to sign up, a form will be sent home at the start of the school year.


    *******Lessons begin the 2nd full week of school in September******** 

    Where do I get an instrument for my child?

    Two rental companies we suggest in the music department are:

            Music and Arts Centers 610 828-5757 or www.musicarts.com
    Losers Music 1-800 522-2600 or www.losersmusic.com
    **Renting for the first year is highly recommended because repairs are included.  Most beginners need repairs the first year while they are getting used to their instrument.  While the instrument is being fixed, a loaner is issued so that no instructional or practice time is missed.  
     May my child use a family owned/previously used instrument?
    Yes, you may use a family-owned instrument. However, please have it serviced before the start of the school year at Music and Arts in Conshohocken or Wayne. Some instruments need extensive updating, others might only need minor repairs.
     ****Older woodwind instruments like flutes, clarinets and saxophones almost always need new pads to prevent leaking and squeaking. Valve guides on brass instruments may need replacing.
    Please contact Music and Arts about this service. (Phone number listed above)

    Questions?    Please email Mrs. Elise Bjordammen at: ebjordammen@umasd.org

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Last Modified on June 13, 2022