• My Policies and Procedures


    - Three-ring binder and loose leaf paper or a notebook 
    - Macbook


    - Grading will occur on a variety of assignments, including writing, discussion responses, public speaking, group work, tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, and participation.
    - It is your responsibility to keep track of your grades and assignments by making use of Sapphire, Schoology and Passport. If you have a question or concern about your grade, you must make an appointment with me after class, during lunch, or before or after school. 
    - Scores will be recorded in Sapphire once they have been graded. 


    30%: Presentational Assignments
    30%: Interpretive Assignments (Reading and Listening)
    30%: Interpersonal Assignments
    10%: Application (Passport Assignments and Unit Packets)

    - Always write legibly. Be sure to check your spelling. If you use your Macbook for assignments, you must include accents when writing in the target language.

    - Projects and other large assignments (work assigned at least two days in advance) will be due on time (at the beginning of the period) whether you are present or not. You must make arrangements to get the assignment to me when it is due.

    If you are ill or cannot attend school for any reason on the day the assignment is due, you may e-mail me with an attachment of your assignment.

    If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test that had been announced prior to your absence, you will be expected to take it on the day of your return. It is your responsibility to be prepared!

    - I will be available during my office hours for extra help.

    - If you have further questions or concerns, make an appointment to see me before or after school, during my office hours or send me an e-mail. I will return it as soon as possible.



    REMEMBER: I will not pursue you about your missed work ; you must check Schoology and Passport, check with your fellow students, and get any notes or explanations from a trusted classmate.

    NOTE TO ALL INVOLVED in athletics, student government, band, etc. : Your schedule is especially demanding, but missed assignments or late work will not be excused. Be responsible. Plan ahead. Manage your time wisely.




    - Be punctual! You must be present and ready to work when the bell rings. 

    - Be prepared! Bring daily-required materials to class every day.

    - Be positive! Come into class ready for a great new day. Remember that your attitude affects your outcome!

    - Follow all the procedures set forth in the Upper Merion Area High School handbook






Last Modified on June 8, 2022