• Wall of Fame


    Since 1994, the Wall of Fame has honored dozens of members of the school community who have made unique and significant contributions to our district.  Honorees are teachers, administrators, support staff, parent volunteers, and so many others who have gone above and beyond in their own special way to help make Upper Merion all that it is. The annual awards ceremony takes place each fall and honorees are presented with a tribute plaque that is then displayed in the designated school building 


    What It Takes to Become a Wall of Fame Honoree

    To say that the journey to the Wall of Fame honor is a long one, may be a bit of an understatement.
    ·  First, someone or a group of people must feel strongly enough about the positive nature of  a person’s contributions to the district to sponsor that individual as a Wall of Fame nominee;
    ·  The sponsors must then set out to obtain signatures and positive comments of support for the nomination.  There must be at least 50 people who are in agreement that the nominee should receive the award;
    ·  Nominations are reviewed for completeness and justification by the Wall of Fame Committee;
    ·   The Committee forwards its recommendation to the Board of School Directors, which makes the final decision.


    List of Honorees


    Lynn  M. Connett (d)                                

    Jacqueline Hollrah Fetzer

    Mary Patricia Reif (d)

    Carol B. Wenrick (d)



    Patricia L. Hallman                                           

    Francis X. Luther                                             

    Dorothy Plantholt

    Al Robinson (d)

    Sara Ruttman (d)

    Robert A. Mitchell                                                 

    Ruth K. Wolf
    David Worth (d)



    Alfred Cornish                                              

    Dorothy Henzel (d)

    Marion McCreary

    Edith Jane Serfass (d)



    Shirley Fine (d)

    Marilyn Knox 

    Maria McCracken

    Patricia McCann

    Joseph Orse

    Kerstin Zadrejko



    Harry V. Marshall

    Josephine Ross

    Paul R. Tennesen (d)

    Joan E. Williams



    Diane Ludovic

    Salvatore Rotondo

    Dr. Charles Scott



    John Cowley 

    Lydia Dan-Sardinas

    Donald Denick

    H. Kent Martin

    Claire Silcox

    Bonnie Waltz



    Dennis A Barcaro 

    Elaine DeWan

    Marilyn Fitzgerald

    Lowell McMullen

    Jean Thorpe

    Henry Tomko



    Kenneth Hales

    Milena Trosini



    Linda Ehmer

    Margaret Kuhn

    Richard Ryan



    Nancy Hawes

    Sharon Larson (d)

    Joy Lynn Power



    James R. Lehman

    Carol M. Murphy (d)



    Lois K. Nichols (d)



    Steven M. Kozol

    Regina Goernemann

    W. Gerard Oleksiak

    David DeRosa
    John Adiletto
    Jim Baxter (d)
    John Funk
    Thad Radzanowski
    2010 and 2011 (Combined induction ceremony held November 30, 2011)
    Lin Dallas
    Cathy Farrell
    Georgia Katsafanas
    Judith Scancella (d)
    Karen Cedrone
    Ann Conover
    Edward Helenski

    (d) deceased

    Become a Wall of Fame Committee Member
    Contact Wall of Fame Chairman, Mr. Joe McGill at jdmcg@verizon.net