Career / Community Exploration
  • Career and Community Exploration will provide a framework for students to develop the attitudes, skills and work habits to enable a successful transition to post-secondary. The course will cover accessing community resources as well as strategies to successfully engage in social and fitness events that match individual preferences. 

    Job training will address the application process as well as  maintenance of the job. The application process will include: video conferencing skills for interviews; mock interviews; role playing; and completion of online and on site applications. Job maintenance will place an emphasis on job skill readiness; time management; personal grooming; as well as social skills. 

    Effective communication skills are a focus and will address both in person as well as online etiquette. Travel skills training will incorporate both social skills  and skills to successfully access public transportation/ride shares. 

    Students will develop a transition portfolio that will include: resume, cover letter, and modifications that the student might need to have a successful transition into their career.  This course will also include a variety of school based enterprises for students to participate in that will allow students to learn soft spoken career skills.

    Topics Include:

    -School Based Enterprises 

          Money Management

          Accounts Payable               



          Customer Service 

    -Resume Development

    -Cover Letter 

    -Transition Portfolio Writing

    -Interviewing Skills 

    -Work Habits 

    -Emailing Do and Don’ts 

    -Travel Training 

    -Getting a job 

    -Computer Skills 

    -Data Input