• My Classes

          I will be conducting various lessons throughout the school day in reading, spelling, math, social skills and writing.  You will be notified by Ms. Bohen or myself regarding who will be your child's  direct case manager and in charge of your child's IEP.  Various students benefit from the special education services delivered through the teachers and support staff in all grade levels.  (Kindergarten - Fourth).  You will be aware if your child is receiving replacement curriculum or additional curriculum in any of the above-mentioned areas.
     Children who will be working with me in either math or language arts may be given "pouches" or use their classroom homework folders.  The pouches are color coded depending on the current grade level.    These pouches are used  to keep their folders and/or books organized and  needed for instruction when in these groups. Students that are also participating in ExCel classes with me, will also receive a pouch.  Please make sure your child brings it to school each day. This pouch is expected to be with your child daily.
    When working with  groups in my room, it may be chilly at times.  Feel free to send your child with a sweater/sweatshirt to be comfortable.  Also, any donations of wipes, hand sanitizer or SOFT tissues are greatly appreciated.  There is a great number of students in and out of my room all day and LOTS of germs.  I do my best to practice and instruct the students on appropriate cleanliness procedures and the above items would help me!  Thanks! 


    Homework Policy
    Children who receive replacement curriculum may have the homework assigned by me in the subject area being taught.  I will use the assignment book that was given out by the classroom teacher assignment book to record these assignments and appreciate you placing your signature in the book nightly.

    Other students will be assigned homework and projects in their regular educational classrooms. You should check your student's classroom teacher's page for current assignments and information. If modifications or substitutions are needed to assignments to meet individual learning needs, the information will be noted in the student's assignment book. As always, please contact me if you need additional support in regards to clarification, modifications, questions or supplies.  I will do my best to help you and your child with all the assignments.  

Last Modified on September 5, 2022