• Viking Vouchers:

    Students will receive Viking Vouchers throughout the school day when they are demonstrating expected behaviors. On the back of the Viking Voucher, the student will write their name and the name of the teacher who gave the Viking Voucher. The student will keep their Viking Vouchers and redeem them through our Schoolwide Viking Voucher Store or our Teacher Viking Voucher Stores.


    Viking Values Assemblies:

    Viking Values Assemblies will happen about every other month and will be a surprise for all students. Teachers will all wear a special T-shirt to alert the students that a Viking Values Assembly is happening.

    If a student has received 3 or more majors during the month prior to the Viking Values Assembly, they will not be able to attend. In place of attending the Viking Values Assembly, booster lessons and core values will be reviewed with the student(s).


    Principal's 100 Club:

    Students who have received a golden Viking Voucher can exchange the Voucher for a number to be placed on the Principals’ 100 Club Board.  When a row has been completely covered, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, those ten students will receive a special award from the principal.

    **Additional reinforcement opportunities will be developed throughout the year with student input.