• My Policies and Procedure

          My job as the special education teacher is to be sure that the goals and specially designed instruction listed in your child's IEP (Individual Education Plan) is being carried out.  REMEMBER that the goals need to be addressed and instructed, but not necessarily by me. Special Education is a service, NOT a place.   Sometimes they are implemented in the regular classroom by the regular education teacher, sometimes by the instructional assistants, and other times in smaller settings delivered by the special education teachers- Ms. Bohen or myself or even by the reading remediation teacher!    
    I believe that each child should receive what they need to succeed at school. What is "fair" is not always what they need.  NOT all children may receive the same instruction, praise, classes or feedback.  Each child is treated as the individual that they are today.  Changes take place daily.
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's program or modifications, please contact me personally.  

    Special Education Notice

    In compliance with state and federal law, the Upper Merion Area School District conducts ongoing identification activities as a part of its school program for the purpose of identifying students who may be in need of special education and related services. If your child is identified by the district as possibly in need of such services, you will be notified of applicable procedures. Individualized services and programs are available for children who are determined to need specially designed instruction due to the following conditions:
    1. Autism/pervasive developmental disorder
    2. Blindness or visual impairment
    3. Deafness or hearing impairment
    4. Developmental delay (preschool age only)
    5. Mentally gifted
    6. Intellectual Disabled
    7. Multi-handicapped
    8. Neurological impairment
    9. Other health impairments
    10. Physical disability
    11. Serious emotional disturbance
    12. Specific learning disability
    13. Speech/language impairment
      If you believe that your school-age child may be in need of special education services and related programs, or young child (age 3 to school-age) may be in need of early intervention, screening and evaluation processes designed to assess their needs are available to you at no cost, upon written request. You may request screening and evaluation at any time, whether or not your child is in the district's public school program. Requests for evaluation or screening are to be made to the Director of Pupil Services, Upper Merion Area School District, 435 Crossfield Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406.

    For further information on the rights of parents and children, provision of services, evaluation and screening (including purpose, time, and location), you may contact in writing the person listed above or your building principal.

    Confidentiality: All information gathered about your child is subject to the confidentiality provisions contained in federal and state law. The district has policies and procedures in effect governing the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of school records (Board Policy No. 216). For information about these policies and procedures, as well as rights of confidentiality and access to educational records, you may contact in writing the person listed above or your building principal.
      The special education program is highly individualized and sufficiently flexible to serve the needs of a variety of exceptional students. Each student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and thus receives a specifically designed program within the total school setting.

    In many cases, students are mainstreamed into regular classes for parts of their schedules. In these instances, special education teachers work cooperatively with the regular classroom teacher and other staff members.

    Itinerant services are available for those students still governed by an IEP but totally mainstreamed for all their subjects. The responsibilities of the itinerant teacher are to monitor the progress of the student, work as a liaison between the student and the mainstream teachers, and support the student by reinforcing study skills and alternative learning strategies.



Last Modified on September 5, 2022