Co-teaching Works

  • Co-Teaching is a Service Delivery Option designed to provide specialized instruction to students where two or more professionals with equivalent certifications and employment status are sharing equal responsibility and accountability for a single group of students in a shared classroom or workspace.

     Benefits of Co-Teaching:

    • Increased engagement
    • Reduced Stigma with being “pulled out”
    • Increased Educational Opportunity
    • Stronger System of Support
    • Improves the educators' ability to work with all students
    • Creating curriculum-based goals
    • Incorporating student needs into co-teaching
    • Working IEP goals into classroom instruction 
    • Knowing your students IEPs
    • And that’s just time lost to transitions.
    • Reduced Transitions

     Teacher Benefits:

    • Provide opportunity for professional growth
    • Forum to share knowledge, skills, and resources with peers
    • Behavior management
    • Teachers in a resource role have more opportunity to increase understanding of the general curriculum and classroom expectations.
    • Promotes collaborative practice between teachers
    • Increases communication between classroom teachers and teachers in a resource role
    • Builds teacher knowledge as to how to adapt curriculum and/or modify the level of instruction to meet the needs of students (differentiation)
Last Modified on August 24, 2022