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    Learning Coach Support

    Learning Coaches serve as a guide, supporter, and motivator to further stimulate learning and establish a suitable structure for the school day at home. The role of a learning coach evolves over time as the student gains confidence and develops more academic skills.

    Learning Coaches can help with small concerns and questions such as, “Am I on the right track?” or “Am I being clear in this essay?” The more students reach out to their teachers, the more they will grow to be independent learners.

    Learning Coaches breathe easy. You do not need to plan lessons. You are a partner in your student’s education and this partnership can strengthen the connection between students and teachers. It is vital to the success of any student in a virtual school experience.

    Here are a few examples of tasks that Learning Coaches complete to effectively assist students:

    Learning Coaches Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Encourages breaks throughout the day when appropriate
    • Motivates the student to complete lessons
    • Makes sure the student has enough rest and nutrients for a productive school day
    • Asks the student what he or she learned at the end of each day to maintain open dialogue
    • Prompts the student to communicate with the teacher when needed
    • Answers minor questions and assists with assignments but does not resolve the problem or do the work on the student’s behalf
    • Reassures the student when he or she is having trouble understanding a concept
    • Implements some learning activities that might help with areas of weakness
    • Assists with organization and time management skills
    • Stays in contact with teacher for regular updates and suggestions
    • Ensures that the student is working at an appropriate learning pace

    Below is an additional resources video on Promoting Student Engagement in the Home: by Jacque Montemuro M.Ed., BCBA Behavior Analyst, UMASD