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    Virtual Assessment Guide

    Teachers measure a student's academic growth and development in a number of ways. One of the biggest indicators comes from data received on written or online assessments (i.e., MAP, Wonders, and EDM tests). Virtual learning can present some challenges with assessment delivery, but with the help and support of parents/guardians and learning coaches, student data can continue to be accurately collected while reducing test anxiety.

    Throughout the year, teachers will measure student growth through various assessments as they would traditionally. To prevent frustration and long periods of sitting and staring at the screen, many of these assessments will be broken into smaller segments conducted over several weeks.

    As always, the purpose is to gather relevant information about students' abilities, progress, and needs. Assessment data assists the teacher in supporting your student as effectively as possible.

    To have data that accurately reflects your child’s true placement (progress, growth, abilities), it is imperative that you do the following during testing:

    • Eliminate distractions.
      • Students should take assessments in a quiet environment. Phones, gaming devices or other distractions should be put away. It is recommended that students wear headphones while testing.
    • Refrain from helping your child during the assessment.
      • It is completely natural to want to help your child when they are struggling. However, please allow them to complete the test without prompting or influence. Assessment results provide teachers with a reliable indication of the student’s ability.
    • Place emphasis on their best effort, not high marks.
      • Remind your student that they are more than a test score! Let them know that it is okay to not know an answer, but to always try their best. Help your child reduce assessment anxiety by helping them focus on what they do know.