• Week of May 12th 


    Music Can be used to help tell a story. In Peter and the Wolf all of the characters are represented by an instrument. These instruments come from the four families of instruments. Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion.




    The Bird   is played by a Flute.The Bird                     

    The Duck is played by an Oboe.

    The Cat is played by a Clarinet.

    The Grandfather's Theme is played by the Bassoon.



    The Wolf's Theme is played by French Horns.



    The Hunter's Theme is played by the Timpani Drums.



     Peter's Theme is played by the Strings in the orchestra.


    Learn More about Instrument Families on BrainPop.

    Use Cubmusic2020 for the username and password 

    Instrument Families .  Instrument Families 


    Peter Wolf 2  Peter and The Wolf (15 minutes) 


    After Watching respond to the questions on FlipGrid


    Week of May 4th  


    UP UP UP  Sing Aloud with Ms Manon 

    UP UP UP


    Practice your rhythm reading skills

    Rhythm Play Alongs  


    Show What You Know About the Music Alphabet 

    Music Alphabet Kahoot Pin:05875656


    Happy Cinco De Mayo

    Download the picture you would like and send it to YouDoodle or Sketches SChool to Color it in. See here for How to use YouDoodle and Sketches School


    Click Here --- Jalapeno                                                                        guitar

          jalepeno .            guitar


    Choose a game on MusicPlay

    Week of April 27th 

    Here is a link for some listening maps. Choose any song to listen to then go to FlipGRid and share your response

     Listening Maps https://www.eemusicclass.com/shared/9PcJLkfvWK19Y3yb




    Music Alphabet



    Let's Move

    Lets Move


    THe Kahoot Game are also still available. If you don't have the app use the Safari Web Browser


    Week of April 20th 

    Dynamics is the Volume of the sound!!!  Piano(Soft) and Forte(Loud) 

    Review the chart below and try the Kahoot Game  

    Examples of Dynamics



    Kahoot . Kahoot it Pin.  04183196



    music play

    Head on over to MusicPLa