• FAQs

    Answers to questions of common interest submitted here or in other forums.

    Question: Where will the Tennis Court be located?
    The tennis court will be moved to the Belmont property and will stay there.  The start date of the construction is not available at this time. 


    Question: Will there be monthly construction report given at the school board meetings for the High School project?
    Answer: The Superintendent will provide a brief report on the status of the new High School construction project during the School Board meetings.  Periodically, we may feature the project in the Viking Channel but we will post a link to it in the HS construction webpages.


    Question: I heard the new high school will connect with the middle school. Doesn’t that present greater access in favor of a shooter in the event of an active shooter?
    Answer: There will be a connection point between the new high school and the middle school. This connection point will be controlled by a secure vestibule that will be monitored by personnel and will only be accessible via mechanical controls similar to our other vestibules in all of our other buildings.


    Question: What are the safety protocols in place for a school like this in case of shooting or weather?
    Answer: The safety protocols in place will be much the same as they are now in each of our existing buildings. We currently have cameras and security personnel in each building as well as locked vestibules that can only be accessed via permission from office/security personnel through a mechanized system. Our buildings are also designed in such a way that hallways and other areas can be used to “shelter in place” during serious storm events.