• 8th Grade French

    In eighth grade, students will attend French class every day. The goal for this year is to expand their French vocabulary and practice their listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. In order to do that successfully, there will be days where class will be offered in French ONLY. We will be using the second half of our textbook T’es Branché and we will cover the following topics:

    1. Les gens que je connais (People I know)
    2. La rue commerçante (Shopping)
    3. À la maison (At home)
    4. À Paris (In Paris)


    Students will be graded on a regular A, B, C, D, F academic scale.

    Evaluation will be based on the following

    1. Completion of classwork and homework assignments
    2. Projects
    3. Quizzes and tests
    4. Class Participation


    Students should come to our Zoom class ready to listen, participate and take notes.