•  Sleep & Start Times

    In response to the concerns raised by our community with regard to adolescent sleep issues, the Upper Merion Area School District, under the direction of the Superintendent, Dr. John Toleno, and the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Susan Silver, will explore the multiple issues and examine possible solutions including but not limited to secondary start times. The District's Curriculum & Instruction team is  beginning the process of reviewing academic research on adolescent sleep with an emphasis on providing a healthly and safe environment for all of our students. Our team will be reaching out to community, staff, School Board members as well as administrators to form the UMASD Advisory Committee to begin next steps:


    Step #2: Develop Goals and Modes of Communication

    Form District Adolescent Sleep Advisory Committee and schedule meetings - School Messenger, District Website, and Outreach

    Schedule Summer Meeting

    Research Possible Forums and Panel Discussions


    The Upper Merion Area School District Sleep and School Start Time Advisory Committee will have four main purposes:

    • understand the identified national public health issue of chronic sleep deprivation in adolescents and the contributing factors and consequences;
    • educate the community on the topic;
    • evaluate the impact on UMASD; and
    • present a report and initial recommendation to district administration and, ultimately, the School Board.
Last Modified on June 5, 2019