• Gulph Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

    First and foremost, it is our priority to keep our children safe at all times included during our arrival and dismissal to and from school. When available and possible, students are always encouraged to ride the bus to and from school. If you choose to bring your child to school or pick them up from school, there are designated areas and procedures that parents must follow for the safety of all students.

    General Procedures

    • Please be courteous and follow safety guidelines at all times.
    • The doors to school open at 8:40AM. If you arrive earlier than 8:40AM, please remain with your child(ren) as adult supervision is limited prior to 8:40AM.
    • Parking is limited, so please walk to school if your route is safe and it is possible. If driving, please remain in your car in the car rider line until it is your turn for your child to exit your car.
    • Although there is no District policy at this time, we ask that dogs not be brought on our grounds during arrival and dismissal. We often receive feedback from our families regarding concerns with allergies and younger children being scared of their proximity to the animals.
    • ALL Kindergarten students must be escorted to school by a parent or guardian.

    Parent Drop Off Procedures

    • Staff members will be at the designated drop-off lane starting no later than 8:40AM (please see map for drop off lane route).
    • Parents using the drop-off lane should remain in their car and pull their vehicle as far forward as they are able to, which will keep the car line moving.
    • In order to maintain a safe and efficient arrival, students should be ‘ready’ to exit the car on the right side (i.e., gather backpack, lunch bag, hat, gloves, etc.).
    • A staff member will be available to support our younger students with opening the door to exit the vehicle.
    • Cars should not pull out of the drop-off area to pass/cut-off another vehicle.
    • Students will stay on the sidewalk and continue up the walkway to the main entrance. Students entering the building after 8:50AM will need to stop in the office for a late pass.
    • Vehicles should follow the route specified on the Arrival and Dismissal map found below to exit the school property and parking lot
      orderly and safely.

    Parent Pick-Up Procedure

    • Staff will be at the designated pick-up lane starting no later than 3:30PM.
    • Parents using the pick-up lane should remain in their car.
    • Parents should maintain a slow, safe rate of speed in the parking lot (about 5 mph when able) and wait patiently as the cars in front of them are loading students.
    • Cars should not pull out of the pick-up lane to pass/cut-off another vehicle.
    • Parents should follow the route specified on the Arrival and Dismissal map below to exit the school property and parking lot orderly and safely.
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