• UMAMS Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) Core Team is a diverse, supportive community dedicated to student success.  Our responsibility is to consistently communicate and promote a positive learning environment in which we all feel safe, valued, and respected.

    The UMAMS Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework is an evidence-based approach to the development of a school culture that is built on the premise that behavioral expectations must be positively stated, easy to remember, and clearly defined. The framework highlights supporting students by helping them understand what to do and NOT what not to do.

    Our school-wide rules center on characteristics of UMAMS’s Viking Values:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Kind

    With the assistance of our staff and faculty, behavioral expectations have been defined for each of the following areas:



    Schoolwide Norms




    Restroom and Locker Room





    Follow directions of adults

    Use appropriate language and tone

    Take turns talking

    Be honest

    Take care of school property

    Maintain personal space

    Use inside voices

    Ensure your table and floor are clean before dismissal

    Use inside voices

    Maintain personal space

    Keep conversations appropriate

    Take care of school property

    Keep the aisle clear

    Use inside voices

    Use appropriate language and tone



    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    Be where you should be

    Walk safely

    Follow the dress guidelines

    Clean up after yourself

    Be on time

    Be prepared

    Stay on task

    Follow 1 Student 1 Device iPad Guidelines

    Food free zone

    Technology free zone

    Use locker at appropriate times

    Sit appropriately

    Ask permission before leaving

    Put trash and trays away appropriately

    Use the area properly

    Technology free zone

    Report problems to an adult

    Return to class promptly

    Enter and exit calmly and quietly

    Sit appropriately

    Ask permission to leave

    Food free zone

    Clean up after yourself

    Sit appropriately

    Keep objects inside the bus

    Food free zone



    Be a positive school citizen

    Help maintain a beautiful school


    Use appropriate manners

    Encourage others

    Work collaboratively

    Help others

    Be considerate of those around you

    Use polite greetings

    Include tablemates in conversations

    Use appropriate manners

    Help others

    Honor the privacy of others

    Be a polite audience member

    Thank your bus driver

    Look out for each other

    Make room for others

    Keep the bus clean

    Viking Values Acknowledgement System

    Viking Vouchers:

    Students will receive Viking Vouchers throughout the school day when they are demonstrating expected behaviors. On the back of the Viking Voucher, the student will write their name and the name of the teacher who gave the Viking Voucher. The student will then place their Viking Voucher in their classroom Viking Longship Bucket.

    Viking Longship Buckets:

    Each grade level team will have Viking Longship Buckets. The Viking Longship Bucket will be used to keep the Viking Vouchers that students on their team earn. Once the student fills out their Viking Voucher, they will place their Viking Voucher in a Viking Longship Bucket. Students can put their voucher in any of their on-team teachers’ buckets.

    Every Thursday morning the team teachers will pull one Viking Voucher from the combined team Viking Longship Buckets.  The student on the Voucher pulled wins a reward. The winners from each team will be announced by a principal during grade level lunches and winners will be posted to Schoology.

    Viking Longship:

    The Grade Level Viking Longships will be kept in the Cafeteria and will be used during Viking Values Assemblies. Each team will bring their Viking Longship Buckets down to the cafeteria and will dump it into the appropriate Grade Level Viking Longship. When the Grade Level Viking Longship is filled up past a designated mark, the grade level will earn a reward.

    Viking Values Assemblies:

    Viking Values Assemblies will happen about once a month and will be a surprise for all students. Teachers will all wear a special T-shirt to alert the students that a Viking Values Assembly is happening.

    If a student has received 3 or more majors during the month prior to the Viking Values Assembly, they will not be able to attend. In place of attending the Viking Values Assembly, booster lessons and core values will be reviewed with the student(s).

    Reward Days:

    Reward Days will occur when students fill their Grade Level Viking Longship with Viking Vouchers past a designated height. The Grade Level will earn a reward and plan a date for the reward to take place.

    If a student has received 3 or more major behaviors between the last Reward Day and the current Reward Day, they will not be able to attend.  In place of attending the Reward Day, booster lessons and core values will be reviewed with the student(s).

    Principals’ 100 Club:

    Students who have received a golden Viking Voucher can exchange the Voucher for a number to be placed on the Principals’ 100 Club Board.  When a row has been completely covered, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, those ten students will receive a special award from the principal.

    **Additional reinforcement opportunities will be developed throughout the year with student input.