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    Week of May 18th


    What A Wonderful World Sing Aloud


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    Week of May 11th 

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    CHrome Muisc Lab

    Make a Name or Picture Composition


    Name     CML Picture


    Challenge Activity

    Recreate these songs and identify the title

        CML Mystery Song 1   

    Mystery 1

    Mystery Song 2

    Mystery 2


                                            Mystery Song 3                                                                                                         Mystery 3

     Mystery Song 4

    Mystery 4



    Choice Friday


                           click  Let's Make Maracas


    1 - Gather Supplies

    Body of the maraca:  plastic cups, juice bottle, snack container. Anything with a lid or that you can tape closed will also work.

    Handle: Not necessary, but if you would like one a paper towel or toilet paper roll will work. ( I cut the roll in half and then taped it to keep it tight around the cap.)

    What's That Sound? Pop Corn kernels, rice, dried pasta, beans, bottle tops or soda can tabs all make really cool sounds.

    Decorations: Tape or glue, Markers, Paint, colored paper,glitter, ribbon, strings anything you can find that YOU think looks cool.  


    2: Fill your maraca with your choice for sound and close          it off.

    3: Decorate the body of your maraca. Go Crazy Have Fun        With it 

    4: Attach Handle if you decided to add one.  

    5: Shake Shake SHake and Enjoy !!!!!


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    ***In case you didn't see them. Click the link for my Sing Alouds***

     UP UP UP  

      UP UP UP


    Over in the Meadow

    Over in the Meadow



    Week of May 4th 


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    Happy Cinco De Mayo

    Try singing or playing along to this Mexican Folk Song 

    La Bamba

    La Bamba



    Week of April 27th

    Check out Mr Wolski's FlipGrid and sing or lipsync your heart out!!!


    Hey Cubs!!! Try out this Body Pecussion Maori Folk Song with me and then head over to your class pages for some additional activities


    Week of April 27th

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    Epo  Epo   

    Epo I Tai Tai E Recording

      Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

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    week 3

    click here  Week April 20th

    Making Musical Instruments at Home


                   Water Xylophone                  



    You Will Need:

    Water, Glasses , Food Coloring(sprinkles also work),Spoon


    Step 1: Line up Your glasses

    Step 2:   Pour different amounts of water into each glass

    Step 3: Add food coloring or sprinkles

    Step 4: Grab a spoon and play



    Box Drum

    You Will Need:    Old box and  Decorations

    crayons, tape, markers, contact paper, stickers, pictures will work great


    Step 1: Close your box.

    (Hint you could put something inside the box for added sounds)

    Step 2: Decorate your Box

    Step 3: Enjoy your new drum and make some beats.