• Policies and Procedures


    Classroom Expectations

    - Follow the Viking Values:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind

    - Come to each class prepared with the following:

    • Fully charged iPad (school-supplied) with earbuds
    • Pencils with erasers and pens
    • Notebook
    • Folder
    • Class text
    • Agenda      

    Complete all homework and class work when assigned.           

    Assignments must be written using pencil.

    All work that is missed, due to absence, must be made up.

    Upon your return to school, you are responsible for finding out what work was missed and due dates for any assignments.

    If you are in school and are going to miss class, it is your responsibility to inform the teacher early in the day in order to receive any assignments. Homework assignments for that day must be turned in before you leave or you will receive an incomplete.  

    Behavior Plan

    In order to create a safe and productive learning environment, all sixth grade students are expected to adhere to the school-wide PBIS expectations. In the event a student makes a choice that is not reflective of the Viking Values (respectful, responsible, and kind), the following plan will take effect.

    • 1st warning: verbal cue/reteach expectations
    • 2nd warning: reflection sheet to problem solve paired with a lunch detention (parent communication)
    • 3rd warning: disciplinary referral (parent communication)

    Please note: Any reflection sheets and disciplinary referrals will be shared with parents. Severe behaviors may result in an immediate referral to the office.

    Suggested Supplies

    Well prepared students are successful in school. Below is a suggested list of supplies and materials needed for the school year.

    • 2 notebooks – labeled Math and Language Arts
    • 4 folders- for Language Arts, Integrated Science/Social Studies, Math, and Homework
    • 4 boxes of pencils with erasers
    • 1 box of highlighters
    • 1 box of tissues for classroom
    • 1 box of clorox wipes
    • fully charged iPad (school supplied) with earbuds