Overview of 6th Grade Math Curriculum

    The following guidelines have been developed to help you be successful in Math this school year.

    • Complete all assignments in pencil.
      • Nobody is perfect. Mistakes in pencil can be corrected easily.
    • Bring your materials to class everyday.
      • Being prepared leads to success.
    • Complete your Math homework nightly.
      • Math homework helps practice new skills.
      • Homework completion counts as a portion of your Math grade for each marking period.
    • Show all of your work.
      • Showing your work allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. It also encourages you to see what mistakes you may have made. It also allows me to identify areas where you may be struggling.
      • In order to earn full credit for classwork, homework, quizzes, and tests, you should try all problems even if you are unsure.
    • Try your best on quizzes and tests.
      • Your Math grade is made up of quiz grades, test grades, homework completion, and classwork. Quizzes count as 30% of your grade, tests make up 60%, and classwork/homework counts as 10%.
      • Quiz retakes are given to strive for mastery before the Unit Test. A quiz retake may be taken once. You are encouraged to review and correct mistakes from the quiz before completing the retake. You will keep the higher score (original quiz grade or retake quiz grade--whichever is higher). Corrections will sometimes be done in class.
      • Error analysis is only available for test grades on which you score 69% or lower. 70% is the highest grade that can be achieved through error analysis/retakes on Unit Tests.
    • Ask for help when you don’t understand.
      • You know best when you need help. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask me for help. I’m here to help, and I WANT to help you succeed! :)

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Last Modified on July 26, 2022