• The District Superintendent, and Assistant Superintendent hereby mutually agree that the following performance goals shall apply to the Assistant Superintendent:

    Student Growth and Achievement

    1.    Curriculum:

    a.    Assure that planned courses of study will be aligned to the appropriate academic standards.

    i.    College and career readiness focus.
    ii.    Curriculum guides.
    iii.    Interdisciplinary courses.
    iv.    Culturally proficient resources and materials

    2.    Instruction and Assessment

    a.    Assure consistent implementation of effective instructional practices in all classrooms.

    3.    Professional Development:

    a.    Develop and implement professional development aligned with fostering teacher understanding and implementation of appropriate academic standards and the Professional Education Plan.

    i.    Job-embedded, on-going, and data-driven.
    ii.    In-service days

    b.    New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program

    4.    Cultural Proficiency

    a.    Oversee Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and provide cultural proficiency training to administrators and staff.
    b.    Assure that instruction will include culturally responsive teaching strategies as part of the District instructional practices to meet the needs of all learners.
    c.    Utilization of data at all levels to identify programming, curricular, instructional, and assessment needs.
    d.    Assure that students will demonstrate proficiency and/or growth on state assessments.
    e.    Foster and enhance the District’s mission of educating all students in a safe and equitable environment.
    f.    Identify performance gaps for students with disabilities, English Language Learners, economically disadvantaged students, African-American and Hispanic students.
    g.    Federal Grants Coordinator: Utilize Federal and State Grant monies to best support students.

    Community Engagement and Communication

    1.    Provide effective communication between the curriculum and instruction department and the community stakeholders.

    a.    Update website.
    b.    Create newsletters and social media access to District information
    c.    Facilitate parent/community workshops.
    d.    Attend K-12 school events.

    Organizational Leadership

    1.    Work collaboratively with District Administration to support and enhance best practices for instruction, supervision, and curriculum.

    a.    Facilitate the completion and monitoring of the UMASD Future Ready Comprehensive Plan.
    b.    Provide training and support for the District Educator Effectiveness Evaluation plan.

    i.    Full adoption and training of updated Act 13

    c.    Student Population Growth and Construction Needs with Regard to School Design for 21st Century Schools.

    i.    Assist in developing healthy and functional learning environments.

    1.    Child-centered curriculum and pedagogy.
    2.    Lunch & Learn activities - High School

    a.    Student Voice and Choice
    b.    Intervention & Instruction

    3.    Viking Time - Middle School

    2.    Participate and facilitate multiple committees and organizations:

    a.    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee - Co-chairperson
    b.    UPENN Consortium for Mental Health and Optimal Development
    c.    Delaware Valley Consortium for Equity and Excellence
    d.    Instructional Advisory Committee
    e.    Early Childhood Committee