• On the days that we have experienced a school closing with offices reporting at a late start, please see the following guidelines. 

    Should this situation occur, all administrators, 12 month secretarial/clerical, print shop and technology staff are expected to report to work at the assigned late start time as per Dr. Toleno's School Messenger message. All custodial/maintenance and turf staff are expected to report at the assigned start time as per Mr. Remelius and/or designee of the operations department. All professional, less than 12 month secretarial/clerical (220, 210, 205, 195 and 190 day staff), health room assistants, instructional aides, cafeteria/playground aides, bus aides, cafeteria personnel, occupational therapists, physical therapist, speech therapist, athletic trainers, community mobilizer, district safety officer, security guard, elementary art assistants, extended day aides and hall monitor are not required to report as each of you will be expected to work on the appropriate snow make up day instead.