• Today, 95 students attended the 10th Annual CREATE Speak Out.  There were really all kinds of all kinds of students-- and they did plenty of speaking up which filled the room with great warmth despite the outside cold!


    A special thank you to PTC for sponsoring the pizza and water (Famous George's is the best), Ms. Regrut for her opening remarks, Dr. Silver and Mr. Moody for their support, as well as to adult volunteers (Ms. Lazar, Ms. Mohamed, Ms. Michael, Ms. Guerrero, Ms. Shelton, Ms. Alice Budno-Hope, and Ms. Paciotti)-- and to Mr. Pizza got and his crew for the clean up.


    Also, a big shout out to Ms. McCay and Mr. Slavin for getting first time after school bus riders on their correct buses home safely.


    Student facilitators stepped up and got their peers talking and listening to each other!

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