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    Leadership is a course that was created with the student in mind. I am excited to teach this course because I believe that it will empower students to become their best selves, and will help them practice skills that will allow them to become successful in anything they put their minds to. This course was designed as a two part course. This year, students in grades 5-8 will take part one of this course. As this year's students flip to other Unified Arts subjects next year, they will take the second part of the course the following year. Leadership 2 will be in development over the course of this year.

    The goal of this course is three-fold. First, I want my students to become the best possible versions of themselves. When students feel good about themselves, and have confidence in their identities and their skill sets, they are more likely to apply those skills in a successful manner. Second, I want my students to foster and adopt a growth mindset in everything they do. My students will hear me say the word "Yet" quite a bit. Adding the word yet to end of a sentence can profoundly change the way we think about oursevles and our abilities. When students transition from a fixed to a growth mindset, they realize that their abilities have fewer limitations. Finally, I want my students to have a solid tool kit of success skills from which they can draw at any time. My students will learn success skills in the classroom and will then practice them out in the real world. Next to writing and reflecting, I believe real world application of skills to be the most fundamental aspect of this course. 

    Topics that we will cover also include: career planning, team building, resiliency and GRIT, time management, conflict resolution, empathy, and decision making. An up to date course syllabus can be found in your child's materials folder in schoology. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to learn and apply the practice of Mindfulness, which means focusing one's attention on the present moment. Students will learn techniques that have been shown to decrease symtpoms of stress and anxiety if practiced diligently.