Small Groups        

    I run a variety of groups throughout the year. Groups are short term in nature and usually run for 6 - 8 weeks. Groups are based on need. Some of the possible topics include: friendship, social skills, school success, self-esteem, anxiety, new students' lunch bunch, and a group for children whose parents are in separate homes.  If your child is invited to participate in a group a letter will be sent home. Children are recommneded for group by their teacher, parent, or counselor observation.
    The FISH group    
    The FISH group is a group designed for children whose parents are divorced or separated. The purpose of the group is to provide support for children and give them an opportunity to talk about their feelings.

    H.U.G.S - Helping Us Grow Strong

    This small group works on building self-esteem, communication skills, and friendship skills.  
    HIgh Fives
    This group gives boys an opportunity to build social skills and learn the tools to develop healthy friendships.
    Lunch Bunch                  boy, male, kid, youth, child, Caucasian, holding, tray, food, cafeteria, school, lunch, text, blue, showing, smiling
    The lunch bunch is a group of students who are new to Caley Elementary. During the first couple of weeks of school, these new students meet with other students who are new in their grade and have lunch with Mrs. Micucci. During that time they get to learn about Caley and some of the special events at school. Throughout the year this groups welcomes other students who are new to Caley. 
    School Success or GO (Get Organized)

    These groups focus on the skills to be successful at school. These skills include listening and attending, organization, time management skills, homework tips, studying tips, and test taking tips. We will also take a look at  learning preferences and how that affects how you learn and study.

    Don't Worry - Be Happy 

    This group talks about ways to identify and reduce anxiety. The children will learn various strategies to identify situations that cause them stress, learn how to recognize it in their bodies and learn copng strategies.  
      Fabulous Females
    All 4th grade girls will be invited to particpate in this group. The girls will learn about behaviors that are considered acts of relational aggression, positive ways to handle conflicts with their friends and how to have healthy relationships.

    I Can Control Me

    This group teaches students self-control and how to manage their behaviors.

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