• Frequently Asked Questions 
    How can my child get an appointment with the counselor?
    There are many ways your child can get to speak with the counselor. Your child can write the counselor a note, tell their teacher and she will contact the counselor or you may call the counselor with a request.
    What concerns could parents contact the counselor?

    Parents can contact me regarding any school or personal concerns regarding their child. If I am unable to assist you I will refer you to the appropriate source.

     What are the best ways to contact the counselor?

    Parents can call me in my office at 610-205-3661 or my classroom at 610-205-8606. You can e-mail me at bmicucci@umasd.org or jsut stop in the office and make an appointment. Please understand I do my best to get back to parents as soon as possible. I do check voicemail and email several times a day, but please be aware that I may be busy with students and not be able to respond immediately. If your concern is urgent, please contact the school office directly and let them know that you need to speak to me immediately. 

     Where is the counselor located?

    The counselor has an office in the main office and also a guidance classroom, room A205.

Last Modified on September 16, 2018