• Annual Yearly Calendar
    This calendar reflects the activities that are planned during the year each month. It is subject to change.


    New student and kindergarten orientation

    Program Planning and Theme Development

    Creating/reviewing class lists

    Reviewing school-wide data


    Classroom guidance lessons –Acceptance of Others- Social/Emotional theme

    New groups begin

    Advocacy efforts - Trip to Washington for School Counselor of the Year events



    Counselor introduction lessons

    New student lunch groups

    WatchD.O.G.S. kick-off

    Open House

    Classroom guidance lessons K-4th on a weekly rotation cycle – School Success - Academic theme 


    Classroom guidance lessons –Kindness and Friendship- Social/ Emotional theme

    National School Counselor’s Week

    Advisory Council meeting

    Parent Book Club

    Victim Services – Safety Rangers and Safe and Healthy Touches – 1st and 3rd and Parent Presentation



    Classroom guidance lessons – Being a Responsible Learner and Resisting Peer Pressure –  Academic and Social/ Emotional theme

    Red Ribbon Week Activities

    Homework workshop – 3rd and 4th grade

    Victim Services – 4th grade Cyberbullying and Parent presentation

    Groups begin K– 4th

    Advisory Council meeting

    Classroom guidance lessons – Managing the Tough Stuff – Stress, Test Taking and Friendship – Social/ Emotional theme

    Third and Fourth Grade Lessons – PSSA preparation and test taking skills

    PSCA conference

    Parent conferences


    Classroom guidance –Peer Pressure and Dealing with Teasing– Social/ Emotional theme

    Pssports to the World multi-cultural event



    Classroom guidance lessons –Friendship skills– Social/ Emotional theme

    PSSA testing

    New groups begin


    Classroom guidance lessons – Getting Along with Others – Social/ Emotional   theme


    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Wrap up groups

    May/ June

    Classroom guidance lessons –  Preparing for the Future – Social/ Emotional and Career theme

    Middle School visit/ transition

    Advisory Council meeting

    Review school-wide data

    Creating class lists


Last Modified on August 1, 2017