PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support.

    The Bridgeport Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) framework is an evidence-based approach to the development of a school culture that is built on the premise that behavioral expectations must be positively stated, easy to remember, and clearly defined. The framework highlights supporting students by helping them understand what to do and NOT what not to do.

    Our staff identified the core values of Caring, Trust, Respect and Responsibility as the most important pieces to highlight and embed throughout our school community. These became known as our Bear Necessities.

     Each school year, we deliver the Bear Necessity lessons to all of our students, teaching and modeling the expected behaviors for various locations within our school. With the assistance of our staff and faculty, behavioral expectations have been defined for each of the following areas;

                  • Assemblies       
                  • Bathrooms
                  • Bus
                  • Cafeteria
                  • Hallways
                  • Playground                                                                             

    Our school wide rules center on characteristics of Bridgeport Elementary School’s Bear Necessities;

    Bridgeport pride bulletin board.

         Be Caring

         Earn Trust                                                               

         Act Responsibly

                                                                                       Respect All

    Bridgeport pride bulletin board.